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Bridges For Freedom




Our Purpose & Vision

Bridges For Freedom LLC provides functional, meaningful,

and enjoyable activities that enable people to meet their individual goals and become more independent in their daily living, socialization, communication, and leisure skills.


Bridges For Freedom LLC supports people to realize their potential, aquire new skills,

develop meaningful relationships, contribute to their communities,

build self-esteem and enjoy new experiences.  

Along with the supports for the individuals we serve,

BFF believes in the potential of the staff employed at BFF and support the staff to learn and grow in their personal and professional lives.  

BFF believes in a team concept, working together striving for the goals and growth

of each individual and employee.


Bridges For Freedom LLC currently provides: 

Homemaker/Personal Care Services - 24hr & Drop in Services

Day Services 

Wednesday Evening Group

HPC Transportation 

Non-Medical Transportation




Bridges For Freedom LLC

701 E Melrose Ave

Findlay, Ohio  45840

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