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BFF; Journeys
Performing Arts Center

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BFF; Journeys provides a Performing Arts Program which gives individuals with disabilities an opportunity and a stage to explore creative self expression through music and movement.

We invite the public to be an audience and cheer on our performers throughout the year and at our annual spectacular "Magic on Melrose" Christmas show!

Angie Buttles

Director of BFF; Journeys 

Performing Arts Program

Angie holds 30+ years experience working in the Developmental Disabilities field. 


"I believe regardless of who we are, we all deserve the same opportunities in life.  My passion is   providing opportunities that encourage and inspire people to set goals, discover their passions, while enjoying the journey of working toward their dreams. 

Creative, Performing Arts gives us that opportunity while providing many other benefits."        -Angie Buttles


BFF has been the leading and only Performing Arts program for individuals with disabilities in Findlay, Hancock County of Ohio since 2020.


For several years, we’ve provided our individuals a stage and the encouragement to be creative in self expression through singing, dancing and with a variety of musical instruments.

Along with our magical and talented team of artists, We have provided the public with a wide range of shows and performances. We offer a number of engaging acts designed to entertain, inspire and enlighten audiences.




1. Encourages Socialization


2. Teaches Respect for others


3. Engage the Body, Mind, Soul and Emotions


4. Encourages movement and physical fitness


5. Improves Self Confidence


6. Stage to elevating one’s self esteem/dignity


7. Self Expression


8. Self Exploration &  Creativity


9. Learn Skills in Singing, Dancing and a variety of   

Musical Instruments

Get in Touch with us for more info, Participation opportunities and performance dates!

BFF; Journeys Performing Arts

701 E Melrose Ave

Findlay,  OH  45840


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